A flexible and transparent approach for organizing IT outsourcing and consulting


Professional creation of the unique hardware and software complexes adapted for technical and business demands of the clients.


Development of native applications of any degree of complexity for iOS, Android, Windows Phone.


Analysis of enterprise processes from the point of view of IT for optimization of cost on practical implementation of information technologies, increase of efficiency, controllability and transparency of its usag.


We should use all contemporary opportunities and technologies in today’s business reality to achieve top efficiency. Inprimex professionals develop cloud applications based on Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud API. We have enormous experience in developing mobile applications and web app (web based applications) for varied market areas.


This language is used by millions of developers all over the world. Time-proven, sharpen under loads it gives the wonderful and predictable results. Our experience allows to develop systems of high quality on its basis.

Microsoft .NET

.NET Framework is a popular software platform. It is common language platform including such programming languages as Visual Basic, CLR, C# medium and extensive class library. Applications are developed for Windows, Windows Phone, Windows store, Windows Azure and Windows Server. .NET Framework platform is a popular platform for development of applications for Windows, Windows store, Windows Phone, Windows Server and Windows Azure. .NET Framework platform includes the programming languages such as C# and Visual Basic,среда CLR and extensiveclass library.


Inprimex uses effectively all the possibilities of C and C++. While other programming languages do not allow to use all the resources of the operational system to the utmost, our developers create the powerful and fast solutions for using the maximum number of functionalities (options).


In November 2007 the Google company produced the first beta-version of the Android software development kit. From that moment Inprimex began to develop the commercial products for Android platform. Our developers used C/C++ and Java to ensure the stable operation of applications. The high-qualified specialists are required to work in this sphere, and the very ones are working in our company. Our developers take part in the contests and win prizes.

Windows Azure

Windows Azure is a cloud platform developed by Microsoft company. Usage of this platform allows to develop and store applications as well as to operate them on data centers of the Microsoft network. Two models are realized, these are: PaaS platform as the service and IaaS infrastructure as the service. Many different programming languages, mechanisms and tools are supported. Inprimex has a great experience in development and support.

CMS systems

We create successful projects as we have domain knowledge in the field of management systems and apply the recent developments. All these will contribute to success of your business. You have your own site already but you want to expand your presence for mobile audience or create a new project? Inprimex will develop such project to suit you and your business in the best way. We analyze properly all the demands and make an individual technical plan for each project.

Microsoft SQL Server

Inprimex develops and supply the complex solutions for the enterprises of banking sector, health services, insurance and other types of business activities. We develop desktop and server applications with embedded Business-Intelligence tools. We are ready to develop and hereinafter provide the technical support for MS SQL databases of our clients.


We have an experience in the development of large and the most secure corporate solutions. We extensively use Oracle for development of scalable systems which store the important data.

Service Stack

Fast. Effective. Easy and revolutionary way of development of the service-oriented applications of any scopes. Our developers like this product, our clients like the result, and the result meet our mutual expectations.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a set of remote services for provision of different types of services. For example, virtual servers hosting or data storage (distributed data warehouses, file hosting), providing the computational powers, etc.). All that is far cheaper than to purchase, adjust and support the physical servers.


Free relational database management system. MySQL is a solution for small and medium-sized applications. DBMS flexibility provided support for many types of tables and an open architecture. The company's specialists have extensive experience use this database in projects of different scale and ready to accompany them in the framework of technical support.


The experienced developers work for iOS platform in the Inprimex. They make products with using the up-to-date technologies with multitask systems and high level of security. The cost of iOS development is lower in comparison with other mobile platforms. The number of applications developed by us constantly grows.

Windows Phone

Mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, started October 11, 2010. It is growing rapidly, so the interest in the operating system more increases. Experts of Inprimex successfully develop commercial applications for this platform since 2011. The cost for developing Windows Phone lower as compared to other mobile platforms.


The software development kit allows to create applications for PC, pad tablets and smartphones which are client-server and n-level medium assisted with connection to corporate databases and cloud services on the basis of SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, InterBase, Azure, Amazon and multilink technology DataSnap.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a service where it is possible to store web-sites and web-applications. There are different accounts for various needs, such as: storage of expanding data, traffic extension. This service helps to eliminate the necessity to carry out the separate registration of account data for each website; everything can be done on the one platform only.


The Inprimex specialists have a great experience in development of websites. We can use the HTML/CSS or HTML5 and the Internet will change while we applying them. We can develop both small websites and large complex projects. Everything depends on the customer’s demands and wishes. Everything is in our power.


Mono is a software platform with open source code from Microsoft.NET. Developers create the cross-platform applications with the help of it easily. The structure of that platform is based on the ECMA standards for C# and Common Language Runtime. Enthusiasm and growing contribution of the developers enable the Mono platform to be chosen for development of Linux-applications.